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Welcome to Micro Catering

Eric and Marlu have teamed up to open one of the most exciting unique micro catering Backyard BBQ’s in New Jersey.

Our specialty is delicious BBQ created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of the Santa Maria Style BBQ. We are the personal touch in your private event.

40 people and under keeps it intimate and allows for a unique experience.

Make your next backyard bash or small business event special with tasty, authentic barbecue dishes from Big Bus BBQ, the most unique backyard BBQ Micro catering experience you will ever have.

Discover Our Menu

Backyard Menu


Grazing Board
Fresh Cut, Beautiful Garden Veggies laying over beds of cheese and crackers. Plump Grapes and other assorted Nuts, and Finger foods come together in an elegant display that is sure to elevate your party.


Slow Cooked Chicken Thighs
These are not your ordinary Backyard BBQ Chickens. These Fall apart, melt in your mouth Thighs, pack a punch of flavor. Slow cooked for an Hour over a bed of Hot fired Coals.


Brazilian Chocolates
Decadent, dark Chocolate infused into a Dulce de leche and wrapped in your Chocolate sprinkles. These Fun, Whimsical bites will whisk you back into your childhood.

Book Your Table

To book a table, call us (845) 701–1677 or use the form below.

The Big Bus Experience

Have the space? Bring our Big Bus to your next Event.

No Space, No problem.

We can Trailer the Santa Maria Grill Pit to you!

Creating an unforgettable Backyard BBQ.

Living Fire

Meal for a Meal.

We love sharing GOOD FOOD.

For every customer we get, we donate a free meal to someone in need across the country.

20 people in your party = 20 free Meals!

We’ve donated 400+ Meals and counting so far!


We come to You!


(845) 701 1677